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Tomcat9, ECDSA/ECC (Elliptic Curve) Certificates and HTTP/2

Tomcat9 brings bunch of new features of which support for HTTP/2 and multiple certificates per Virtual Host via SNI extension are most important ones. This needs Java 1.8, the latest APR/TC (Tomcat Native) release 1.2.x, since SNI support in current Java 1.8 is useless, which in turn requires OpenSSL version 1.0.2g installed. Early users of HTTP/2, according to one of the main Tomcat developers Mark Thomas, reported improvement of up to 20% in page speed due to its benefits like multiplexing, header compression and server push (servlet 4.0 API needed). By default HTTP/2 (h2) protocol is SSL, as expected the whole internet to be over https only in near future, but there is a clear-text version as well called h2c.

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