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Overlay SDN with VxLAN, BGP-EVPN and FRR

13 minute read , Sep 26, 2018

In BGP based control plane for Vxlan, E-VPN plays the role of a distributed controller for layer-2 network virtualization. BGP is the routing protocol of the...

GitLab CI/CD Pipelines for Kubernetes clusters

5 minute read , Sep 02, 2018

GitLab is a versatile open source (CE edition) tool that provides Git stile project repository, CI/CD pipelines and private Container Image Registry for the ...

ZFS NAS with NFS and Samba on ROCK64 ARM SBC

8 minute read , Aug 05, 2018

The old home NAS I built about 3 years ago died on me suddenly. It was a mini-ITX AMD board powered by freeNAS with 2 x 1TB Seagate drives in ZFS mirror. Sin...